Through Our Own Eyes

Esalen, California

September 22 - 27, 2019

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A biennial Gathering

Through Our Own Eyes  Retreat

This is a 6 day retreat is created by women physicians for women physicians. Each retreat ends with the those participants interested in the creation of the next retreat gathering and beginning the process again. It is a wonderful mix of Category 1 CME content, self care, and networking. September 2019 was the 13th time we held this popular retreat. Every retreat has been a great opportunity to reflect on our careers, our work-life balance, and our personal health. We are looking forward to piloting smaller, local offspring retreats this coming year with the next large retreat in 2021.

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& Workgroups


Time is divided between CME accredited lectures, small groups, and time to reflect, recharge and build connections.

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dynamic sessions

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small groups

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A different learning space

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Women who are physicians

Founded by an inspirational physician whose vision was for physicians who deal with the challenges of being female and physician (the unique balancing that we face in maintaining our health  and the wellbeing of our patients, families and workplace) to come together to share our experiences and to mentor each other. This is a unique CME experience designed for and by the participants. Networking and finding ones' center are central to the experience.


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Esalen Institute -Big Sur, California

Located along a scenic and relatively remote stretch of California's central coast, approximately 12 miles south of Big Sur.


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