TOOER is a network of women physicians dedicated to empowering ourselves to enact positive change in our personal lives, workplaces and communities; through continuing education activities with focus on incorporating self-care and well-being practices into all aspects of our careers in medicine.

TOOER provides regular educational meetings with the following purposes:

To develop, promote and sustain a community of women physicians, dedicated to development of self-care and healing practices that support our work as healers

To provide a safe, nurturing space for women physicians to define their values and goals, and to formulate a plan to live those values and attain those goals in their personal and professional lives

To incorporate teachings that enhance our leadership and mentoring skills and enhance patient care

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Is this opportunity for you?

Are you often too busy to get a clear perspective on yourself; your career, your family and community, your own health? Perhaps you once knew, but now wonder if you have wandered off course...

Come join us

Through Our Own Eyes Retreat offers a unique opportunity for us to reflect on our careers, our work-life balance, our personal health and our roles in the health of our communities/patients/family.


Come together

Come together

Renewed Energy

Renewed Energy

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The conference is traditionally held at Esalen

ESALEN INSTITUTE is a comfortable, nurturing environment with beautiful gardens, natural mineral hot springs, and abundant, fresh food. It is located on the spectacular Big Sur coast south of San Francisco and Monterey. Massage and movement classes are available. Participants have access to all Esalen facilities.


Connecting through shared experience.

This CME retreat in Esalen offers a different kind of learning experience and we take full of advantage of this dynamic environment. We are both the learners and the leaders; the hurt and the healers; the inspired and the inspiration.

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A different kind of classroom

CME presented in an interactive form. Limited didactic presentation. Experience and sharing are emphasized. Participant’s knowledge and experience recognized.

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Time for reflection, play and laughter

Every retreat has time for making new connections, rediscovering creativity, self-reflection and reconnecting with ourselves. Come be in a natural healing place, be nurtured with healthy food, healing spa and relaxing massages.

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