Telling Our Stories & Speaking Our Truths

We will be guided through a weeklong journey using movement, sound, and narrative as a medium through which to explore our work, relationships, and personal stories. The program includes space for self-reflection, connection with others, and enjoying the magic of Esalen. Our work will be co-facilitated by theatre artist Nina Wise and hospitalist and host of 'The Nocturnists' Emily Silverman, MD.

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Nina Wise

Creative Storytelling through Movement


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Emily Silverman, MD

Intro to Storytelling /Narrative medicine

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Various speakers

Nerd Night: 3 short talks on varied topics 

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Nina WIse and Emily Silverman, MD

Autobiography as a Healing Practice


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TOOER faculty

Representing Ourselves: Effective Communication at Work


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small group Seminar

Gender and Communication at Work and Leadership


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small group seminar

Opening to Our Experience, Facing Obstacles to Self-expression



Small group seminar

Public and Private Forums for Our Stories