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Bring 60 Beads to Exchange

Traditional TOOER activity

Bead by Bead

Bead Exchange--one of the TOOER community activities.

Please bring 60 beads to trade with other TOOER attendees. We will have the supplies to turn handfuls of beads into wondrous necklaces and other adornments.

If you want to participate, but do not have a local bead source, you can easily order beads from Fire Mountain (800)355-2137 (24 hours!) and online

There are other optional evening activities after dinner have included games, storytelling, dance, theater, wine, chocolate and music that are open to all.

TOOER community sharing: One or two nights we’ll have community sharing, and share songs, music, beads or any other activity you would like to share (eg a board game, coloring book, etc). Please bring whatever materials you would like to share with others! This is entirely optional, and can be whatever you want it to be.