Welcome to TOOER 2019





Telling Our Stories: Speaking Our Truths

September 22-27, 2019 Institute, Big Sur, CA

Hello! This conference may be different form others that you have attended. First, we would like to share information to help orient you to the Esalen and TOOER experience. Secondly, there is some very important information that we would like you to share about yourself in order to make this the best experience for you. This information is to be shared in printed form in a confidential section of the TOOER syllabus after arrival. Confidentiality is important to us on this journey of self reflection and in supporting each other on this journey. In order to collect that information in a format that can be shared amongst ourselves, we will be asking that you download a word document, complete the answers in the document, save and then send in email to directors@tooer.org. This email is viewed by your organizers and group leaders who are peers attending the conference. We will print to the syllabus for attendees. We will remove the email documents from the email server. Answers will NOT be posted or shared online. Please complete and submit by August 1st.

Schedule for the Week

Each morning, 10am-12pm Monday through Friday, there will be a large CME session for all TOOER attendees. In the afternoons, there are facilitated small group CME seminars; approximately 6-8 attendees with 2 facilitators. The small group CME seminars provide a more intimate setting to explore themes and issues in greater depth. The small group CME seminars meet at 2 different times in the afternoon. You will attend a single small group CME seminar each afternoon; same time, same members each day.

There are optional evening activities after dinner: beading, games, storytelling and music that are open to all.


●   DO NOT schedule any massage sessions from 10am-12pm

●   DO NOT schedule massage between 2 - 6 PM until you get your seminar assignment.

You CAN schedule massages at 8am, 12pm and 6pm through Esalen registration. We highly recommend Esalen massage!

In order of appearance:

1. Participant information and questionnaire

2. Time Preference for Your Afternoon Seminar Meeting

3. Transportation Information and Requests

4. Explanation of Bead Exchange--one of the TOOER community activities

5. What to bring to Esalen and TOOER community activity nights

6. Submit Cartoons (if you like)

Thank you very much for your attention to these materials.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.